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             Deepak Chopra - The Path to Love


  • Dr. Maria Nemeth Interview - The Energy of Money & Mastering Life's Energies

  • Byron Katie Loving What Is : Love, Wonderful or Terrible? 
    - Illuminating and Unraveling

  • Matthew Fox 

  • Maya Angelou - Early Years in SF.

  • Marc Allen - Success and Fulfillment

  • Jennifer Robin 

  • Marc Allen

  • Julie Orlov - Book Discussion:
    Pathway to Love

  • Daniel A. Miller 

  • Sophy Burnham 

  • Steven J. Fogel

  • Daphne Kingma 

  • Jean Houston 

  • Mike Doolie
    • Stephen Mitchell - The Second Book
    of the Tao 

  • Michael Bernard Beckwith

  • Dr. Larry Dossey - Premonitions

  • Dr. Keech - Peptide Immunology

  • Dr. Maria Nemeth 

  • Denise Lynn

  • Be Your Own Valentine! 

  • Drug-Free Emotional Health

  • David Feinstein

  • Stuart Avery Gold

  • Terry Real, PhD 

  • Arielle Ford 

  • Dianne Collins 

  • David Kessler  

  • Kathy Coover - The Trillion Dollar Industry 

  • John Gray - Orotates  

  • Richard Moss, MD

  • Dr. Maria Nemeth - Living a Luminous Life 

  • Tom Nicoli - Your Last Diet with Self Hypnosis

  • Dan Milman's New Work - Socrates Guide

  • Quantum Integral Medicine

  • Dr. Michael Wayne - Western Health Methods

  • Dr. Larry Dossey - Extraordinary Healing Power 

  • Brenda Anderson - Playing the Quantum Field 

  • Robin and Michael Mastro - Create Prosperity with Vastu! 

  • Harold Bloomfield - Safe in an Unsafe World

  • Len Felder - The Ten Commandments 

  • James Redfield - Celestine Author 

  • Candace Pert Molecules of Emotion 

  • Risso - Enneagram

  • Jim Rubens - Are You a Victim of OverSuccess? 

  • Moss Interview

  • Jan Wahl 

  • Ron Brown, PhD - The Courageous Life

  • Anne Paris Interview


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In Memoriam  Dr. Candace Pert: 1946-2013

Belated, but not forgotten. A most informed QuantumAge Radio guest, Dr. Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion (1997 ).


Foremost researcher and primary discoverer of the Opiate Receptor (nobel*) Hear her story of the Nobel Prize and our conversation regarding heroin addiction and more... Anyone with a family
member steeped in opiate addiction can benefit from this deep and candid view: 



Rest in peace Candace, You helped me enhance the lives of many. Great meeting you.  - Marlene