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Observational Communication eliminates the pronoun. When you communicate without the evaluation you communicate without judgement, expectation or offense. Observational communication paves the way for easy dialogue, conflict resolution and personal fulfillment. Marlene shows you how you can open the door to pure, truthful expression of what you intend, feel, and need and have others support you. Learn to connect with confidence!


Observational communication vs. evaluative communication:

  • Have you suppressed your deepest most hidden yearnings to avoid conflict or confrontation? 


  • Have you ever felt you’d rather keep quiet than be misunderstood or ridiculed?


  • How many times have you stopped yourself from expressing your feelings or point of view because you didn’t want to rock the boat or exacerbate a situation? 


  • How often did you speak up only to have it backfire and create misery and discomfort? 

How the Observational Communication Program works:

 1. Experience

As the creator of the IntentionMap™ maverick method of personal success, Marlene has shown tens of thousands of individuals worldwide how to live a more flourishing life, enjoy maximum professional and personal success. She lives the practice and sees first hand how it produces longterm beneficial results at home, in the office, extended family, or any other landscape.


 2. No History Required

More important than what you are going through, Marlene focuses on what you are going TO.

Your first session provides the four components of observational communication tools that make sense and can be utilized immediately.

 3. It's Universal

This method works with any relationship be it professional, personal, familial, etc. You develop internal comfort and confidence when communicating with others, reducing your anxiety, tension, fear. Any lack of trust in your ability to be comfortable with authority figures, family members, litigation/mediation evaporates!

Phone/role play coaching session recorded for your convenience, and a follow up call to recap the four steps Marlene teaches. 

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