observational communication

ObCom Mentoring

Observational communication paves the way for easy dialogue, conflict resolution and personal fulfillment. 

This communication method works with any relationship be it professional, personal, familial, etc.

You develop internal comfort and confidence when communicating with others, reducing your anxiety, tension, fear.

     •Eliminate any lack of trust in your ability to be comfortable with authority figures, family members, including litigation/mediation events.!



Marlene shows you how you can open the door to pure, truthful expression of what you intend, feel, and need and have others support you.

Connect with confidence!

  • Eliminate

  • •the fear of being misunderstood or ridiculed.

  • 'rocking the boat' or exacerbating a situation. 

  • Holding back from expressing your feelings or point of view because you didn’t want to rock the boat or exacerbate a situation. 

  • Sharing your voice only to have it backfire and create misery and discomfort? 


Tens of thousands of individuals worldwide learned how to live a more flourishing lifestyle providing, maximum professional and personal success with this communication tool!


Enjoy longterm beneficial results at home, in the office, with extended family, or any other Elevate your communication style!
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