"Marlene is a bundle of positive energy. She is warm, compassionate and our listeners adore her. 
When she counsels our audience, it's like hearing from a dear and trusted friend. The phone lines go NUTS! "

- Renel

Renel In The Morning, KISS FM 98.1

      "Dear Marlene, I wanted to thank you for taking the time today to do my reading.  It was a very powerful and meaningful experience  for me...It makes me happy to know there are souls on this planet to help guide those who are willing to discover with new eyes... youre the best... Gus S.


    “I experienced an informative, Soul-blowing reading from Marlene Caldes. I’ve had Tarot readings before, but not of this caliber. Marlene is an adept who clearly and concisely wove through the tapestry of myself, mirroring back important information and options, which gave me pause to reflect upon choices I can make on my life’s path. Thank you, Marlene! Thank you Kayse, for having an excellent diverse range of skilled people working with you. Blessings."  - Jean-Pierre

"What a difference a Marlene Caldes can make."  - Sue A.

"You rock!" Gina D.


     "Marlene is an old wise soul. She has a Warrior's heart and a Sage's inner eye. She is the most articulate person I have ever known. Marlene has a real gift for translating the unseen in a powerful, transformative way. She is also a dear friend." - Regina S.

"I am going back to review each week now. I just listened to Marlene Caldes' recorded session again from Week 1. I am so grateful for this session. My notes are close to scripting the session because everything she said was so powerful. This talk means so much more after going through the eight weeks. I had forgotten several things she had said. Thank you Marlene Caldes for giving such concrete examples and proven exercises (I would say "helpful", but they are much more than that!). I am in the action stage and as you said toward the end of the talk - persistence - "staying in the game long enough to produce results!" - Jeanne S.


"Thank you for the clarity you helped me find. When we spoke I was so lost and frustrated trying to discover my life's purpose our session was an important catalyst for all the changes and amazing successes

You helped me release my fears to pursue my dream." - Lindsay M.

"Marlene, you have reminded me of my soul's purpose and I’m aware of that everyday. Through all the years I've known you, I have 22 years of our sessions together and you have never been wrong! Dead on correct! I followed your guidance and my life has been transformed from that moment on." - Carole S.

Dearest Marlene, I want you to know this, because I count on you as a guide in my life. This week I’m going to be on the Oprah Show! Remember that tarot reading you just did for me? What a strong one it was. Who knew that this would be happening? They saw my book on Amazon and called me . Pure grace… and here I am. - Maria N.

"Thank you so much for the RE-CAP audio! All the resource tools you provided in our session and recap has really helped me!  I  am utilizing the awesome tools that have been provided and suggested to me, this is so much appreciated. I will keep you posted in 3 weeks to make sure my health is on point and any changes in my directions on life have excelled. You are an Angel from God to me...  I am loving myself again. Blessings to you always." - C. Armadilla

"Just as you predicted Marlene, I'm in the midst of a major job transition!  It's such a help to have these great tools. So, thank you!  - P. Lewis

"I am completely filled with joy and passion the likes of which I haven't seen in years — or possibly ever! Thank you again for showing me the light." - Doris F.