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As a multicultural, lifelong intuitive forecaster and shamanic practitioner,

I work with diverse, complex individuals, just like yourself, who are deeply passionate about elevating their consciousness, raising the quality of their lifestyles, careers, family life, and more. You have deep desires. Your presence here is your call to cultivate that inner longing into action.

My innovative 'IntentionMap™, a maverick method of personal success, brings into focus your past and current influences, immediate future and resulting outcomes. My spiritual 'toolbox' and highly developed clairvoyance process includes a masterful interpretation of tarot, aura, and chakra influences. In the context of current rapid acceleration, I bring a wealth of expert studies and resources culled from decades of interviewing the world’s most renown body, mind and soul writers, thought leaders, innovators and health experts of our times.

     “The universal issues confronting humankind call for a timely inclination to contact the innermost core of our humanity and to live our lives on this planet from an enlivened internal condition of our highest good.

     "The overcoat of material gain can no longer sustain us in a world that calls for personal, spiritual and intellectual transformation in order to embrace peace and harmony as a way of life that is now called for on a global scale."

Marlene Caldes

*My services enliven those who are:

  • Ready to leap to the next level of consciousness

  • Committed to living their highest good in their choice lifestyle, relationship, career and spirit

  • Ready to connect to their highest aims and aspirations

  • Committed to integrating their intellectual, emotional, spiritual & material aims with effective, timely strategies for success


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