FUN Workshop!

Gotta Have It! How to Get it!

the 5 Easy Steps!

A Daylong unique five-step path to time-based successful manifestation that has
helped thousands of individuals from all walks of life!


                                                                 • Identify your deepest most hidden yearnings

                                                                 • Learn the common reasons for missing the mark

                                                                 • Discover the secret energy source to fulfillment

                                                                 • Collaborate with others ready to do the same


 Like others who have attended this lively interactive seminar,

you will enjoy astonishing & practical results!

"Wow! Marlene, I am so on my 'gotta have it!' I learned so much from you today!
This is a great tool, and through all the years that I have worked with you,
you have helped me so greatly! I will be celebrating my new digs!" Lana Dee


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Spirit of Aloha!


Hawaii Workshops • Local Presentations • Speaking

How is it that the very thought of the Hawaiian Islands brings soothing to the mind and soul?

When I look out beyond Moana (Ocean) to the quiet line of the horizon as it meets sky, there is a quiet understanding of the Mother, the Nurturing Source-of- All Things I feel deep within at the sight of her foamy skirt of its beginning..

Like Mother Earth, we are here to embrace the magic within us to sustain ourselves, our sentient fellows and worldly fauna with this great spirit, the Spirit of Aloha… Come join me! 

Huna, meaning secret, is one of the original arts and sciences of healing and spiritual development from
the land of  mountain peaks, the island chain called Hawaii. It is my joy, my solace, my loving peace in action.

It is true.We are powerful beyond measure. Huna is about empowerment, about increasing
your spirituality, energy, and 
metaphysical healing powers. Join us for its introduction, then
spend the day with new friends in conversation, contemplation, meditation.





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​​"Participants leave Marlene's seminars with powerful tools that make a difference
in their lives immediately!"
- CS

"Spirit of Aloha was an amazing time and I can't wait to go back"  - BJ


 IntentionMapVision Boards!

Mill Valley/San Francisco  Workshops!
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Want to sharpen your decision making process?

Rely on your own intuition with rock solid confidence?

Then join us at our

DiY Tarot Workshop!

What's in the cards for you?

Money • Love • Health • Family

Are you ready to enjoy your intuitive, insightful, or extra sensory perceptions?  If you have ever yearned to lean on your own inner guidance with confident expectation, now may be the time to investigate this remarkable and enjoyable metaphysical tool. If you want to learn how to include the amazing tool of Tarot Cards to your deepest considerations, decisions and actions with ease and confidence, this course is for you!

You will learn about:

  • Choosing the right Tarot Deck for you

  • The Major Arcana /The Minor Arcana -2 parts

  • Color: it's relationship to the card images

  • Interpretation: a card or cards in relation to each other

  • Reverse meanings and interpretation

  • Create your personal unique card map




where when how?

Call office for info 415-381-0287