Copy of A Thousand Promises: Living a Life of Joy [e-book]

  • Source Of All Things has whispered in my ear on many occasions.

    A Thousand Promises is such a whispered transmission inspired by the inevitable course of life and death that meets each one of us.

    My life, like all others, is filled with the day to day lessons, the search for the pieces of the puzzle that provide the bigger picture.

    A Thousand Promises emerged as I sought refuge from the sorrows, resistance, human frailty and fear of loss of my beloveds.

    The challenges of my life up to this point have led me to embrace and trust that my own spiritual intelligence has its distinctive directionality. I trust and embrace this knowing in myself. I accept it in others. It is that understanding that continues to lead me to the adventurous landscape of inner peace.

    I sincerely hope A Thousand Promises, living a life of joy, is a homeland for your spirit as well.