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"It's no secret; you get a better life when you get the bigger picture."


Marlene is the founder and CEO of InnerVoice Network.  She is clearly a dedicated agent of elevated consciousness integrating the practical with the mystical. Her capacity to hear the yearnings of your soul and the 'inner voice 'it employs points you in the direction of realizing your highest aims and aspirations while living a more flourishing lifestyle filled with love, adventure and inner peace.


Her pragmatic innovations and strategic processes provide fast acting body mind and soul tools that help you increase your productivity, enhance you lifestyle, polish your communication with others that amplify your confident expectation of being heard, understood, and respected for your contributions. 


You have choices. Free will. There are no shoulds. No have-to's. No energetic obstructions you have to endure to 'someday' live your life as you see fit .

She believes our real brain is our HEART.

         "The MUCK Stops Here."

Enhance Your
Manifestation Skills.
Living Inside Out!
We must Captain the ship of our lives. Steady ourselves at the helm of our hopes, our dreams, our assets and destinies... ARE YOU READY?
Navigate the ups, the downs, the dark tunnels while sustaining the big wins and victories!
•Exploring Personal & Practical stress relieving strategies

•Finances: Passion & Purpose: Future forecasts of what lies ahead 
•Overcoming Indecision, Self doubt, Overwhelm
•Unrealistic Expectations of themselves/Social Misery 
•Romance/Marriage challenges and solutions
•BEST communication strategies for breakdowns in the workplace or family

take control of



        "I love to demystify the dimensions beyond. I am strongly Anti-Woo Woo! I laugh with the profound. My work is a vocation of destiny." 


A personal Intuitive Forecast session with Marlene is astounding in its relevancy and scope. She hears and repeats the voice of your own HighSelf’s resonating authority,


In addition, Marlenebrings to the table the most current expert studies and resources culled from decades of interviewing the world’s most renown body, mind and soul writers, thought leaders, innovators and health experts of our times for your success.

        You benefit from her enormous cache of best strategies, scientific studies and human potential expertise. 

       Her focus on your past experience, present situation and future outcome over the course of the immediate future and years ahead, is further enhanced by her unique and broad background in the personal growth industry. Tens of thousands of individuals, vast radio audiences and seminar participants have experienced unexpected benefits from her visionary talents and extraordinary practical strategies.

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