about marlene

• Intuitive Forecaster 
• Life Strategist
• Radio's Urban Mystic
• Broadcast Producer Interviewer/ Advisor
• Thought Leader 

•Minister: Coming of AgeCeremonies

 •Officiant:Weddings • Events • Speaking


     Marlene Caldes, a lifelong Metaphysician, internationally known Intuitive Forecaster, is a dedicated agent of elevated consciousness, integrating the practical with the mystical.

   Her capacity to hear the yearnings of your soul and the 'inner voice' it employs, points you in the direction of realizing your highest aims and aspirations 

   As a Speaker and Seminar Leader, her pragmatic innovations and strategic

processes provide fast-acting body, mind, and soul tools that have helped thousands of seekers  increase their productivity, enhance their lifestyle, polish and enhance their communication with others. 

   These Spirit based technologies amplify your confident expectation of being heard, understood, respected for your successful contributions . 

 Marlene is widely known as Radio's Urban Mystic. 

Her popular 'HotLine to the HighSelf' morning radio program launched in 1994, along with partner Moira Gunn, (host of the public radio program Tech Nation) segment on SF's KEST personal growth radio station. It went wild- the phones rang off the hook! 

   These two friends brought science and metaphysics to the Bay Area's listening audience. Their combined common sense, ancient knowledge, intuitive talents, vast knowledge of both science and realms of the spirit.  inspired and delighted listening audience with clarity and good humor- a great way to start their day.
    Marlene went on to Produce Conversations of the QuantumAge, with the foremost writers and personal growth experts of our times sharing those interviews with  numerous stations, includingSF's KEST, Point Reyes KWMR and numerous programs across America.

 Moira continued on as host of the public radio program Tech Nation, and its regular segment BioTech Nation.

Marlene then joined KISS fm's R& B station joining 'Renel in the Morning' for more than a decade taking calls during morning drive...

PR “GIANTS' Renel Brooks Moon says "Marlene is a bundle of positive energy. She is warm, 

compassionate and our listeners adore her. 

When she counsels our audience, it's like hearing from a dear and trusted friend. 

The phone lines go NUTS!"  

-- Renel Brooks Moon

Marlene works with individuals who are deeply passionate about elevating their consciousness, raising the quality of their lifestyles, careers, family life, and more. 

   She demystifies the dimensions beyond, laughs with the profound and, of her lifelong practice, simply declares with conviction and humor: 

“The Muck Stops Here."

   With a great sense of humor and practical strategies Marlene addresses the challenges we face in today's rapidly changing world. She encourages all to move with the times from a center of confident expectation. She is strongly anti woo-woo, and considers her work a vocation of destiny.   


" I believe you have choices. Free will. There are no shoulds, no have-to's,
no energetic obstructions you have to endure to 'someday' live your life as you see fit.

I believe our real brain is our HEART."

Marlene is the founder and CEO of InnerVoice Network founded in 1972 as a means to raise the consciousness of our age. *Conversations of the Quantum Age Radio interviews with the foremost writers of our times, her Soulbytes and books are all designed to support and re-remind those she reaches of the innate wisdoms they already embody and may have forgotten along their hurried way. Everyone gets a better life when they get the bigger picture.